As corporate activities are becoming increasingly globalized and companies are gearing up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the effective utilization of intellectual property to achieve a competitive edge is increasingly growing in importance.

Toppan's printing technologies, which the Group has been accumulating for over a century, form the core around which we have made use of a wide variety of techniques and other intellectual assets as business resources, thereby laying the foundation for our reputation as a technology leader. The Toppan Group will continue to drive intellectual property-related activities in the future to improve profitability and corporate value, so that we can realize our goal of being a social value creator.

Toppan's Initiatives in the Area of Intellectual Property

Toppan’s intellectual property-related activities in Japan

Toppan endeavors to secure our technological competitive edge and increase brand value by acquiring patents, design rights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights for various products, particularly those of special importance, as well as for the services we offer.

Number of patent applications (Japan)
Number of patents held (Japan)

Toppan's global intellectual property-related activities

At present, there are about 40 countries in which Toppan has filed applications for, or is targeting, the acquisition of rights. The Group works directly with overseas patent offices in major countries to back up our global business activities.

Toppan will further increase applications for intellectual property rights in countries that present important markets for us or in which our major overseas production sites are located. Such applications will be mainly for packaging, security solutions, and barrier films, which are particularly proactively marketed on a global basis.

World map
Number of patent applications by Toppan (Japan)
Network of departments handling intellectual property throughout the Group
Toppan's Intellectual Property Network

Network of departments handling intellectual property throughout the Group

To appropriately protect the inventions and other results produced by our research & development departments, Toppan promotes the effective creation and utilization of intellectual property that closely reflects the realities of where work is done. This is achieved by assigning specialists to deal with intellectual property matters at business divisions and sites both inside and outside Japan, including the Toppan Technical Research Institute, and by reinforcing coordination between departments.

At the same time, Toppan holds regular meetings bringing together staff from intellectual property departments, including those of related companies, to facilitate information sharing and problem solving, with the aim of enhancing the intellectual property-related activities of the entire Group.

Intellectual property-related training
Group Training at Toppan Technical Research Institute

Intellectual property-related training

At Toppan, training on intellectual property is provided to all employees, mainly through departments responsible for intellectual property. By releasing intellectual property-related news at regular intervals and implementing e-learning and group training programs tailored to the experience and level of employees, the Group works proactively to enhance the intellectual property-related knowledge of each employee as well as their ability to use it effectively. Toppan also leverages its expertise to organize intellectual property seminars for customers and strives to build trust through such activities.

Intellectual Property Utilized in Products and Services

The major management challenges which Toppan has identified include creating new business and markets and accelerating global business expansion. To achieve these objectives, effective use of intellectual property is essential.

These videos present examples of how intellectual property is utilized for specific products and services:

Intellectual Property-related Initiatives
Smart Cards
Air Hold Pouch
Smart NANO