Justin Owens


Toppan USA, Inc.

Georgia, U.S.A.

With an Open Mind for Growth and Change

I am a trainer in the vacuum metalizing department. I work with quality, engineering, maintenance, and manufacturing teams on steady improvement to the metalizing process.

I believe in working safely and with an open mind for growth and change within the work environment. Everyone is working together to achieve a common goal of continuous growth for the company.

I have worked in manufacturing for over ten years. I am one of the first employees of Toppan USA, having been here since the opening in April 2016.

I have enjoyed my time here and look forward to many years to come as a member of the Toppan Group. I would like to make an impact that will improve the growth of Toppan USA and that will strengthen our customer base.

My Free Time

I enjoy time with my wife, fishing, hunting, playing basketball, and watching college football. I like to refer to myself as one of the number one fans of the Georgia Bulldogs. GO DAWGS!