EPD Solutions
EPD Solutions
There are 2 Types of Electronic Paper Displays: Segmented EPD & Dot Matrix EPD

Segmented EPD

Segmented EPD features smooth shapes and ultra-low power consumption

  • Display consists of fixed electrode patterns
  • Electrode shape represents text or pictogram
  • Typical examples:
7-segment: Numeric characters
14-segment: Alphanumeric characters

Typical Applications:
Calculators & watches, or display of icons & pictotrams, in case of an LCD.

Dot Matrix EPD

Dot Matrix EPD can show any text or image through a grid-like matrix of dots or pixels.

  • Any text or image can be displayed as a group of pixels
  • Display consists of a matrix of electrodes placed on an X-Y grid
  • A pixel is at the intersection of electrodes
* Normally, a TFT, Thin Film Transistor, backplane is used for driving.

Typical Applications:
Various displays that use dot expressions, such as TV & smartphones etc., in case of an LCD.

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