Basic Management Policies of the Company

The corporate philosophy of the Company being that we “reciprocate our customers’ continued trust, create dedicated products by harnessing our vibrant knowledge and technology, and contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle as a mainstay of information and culture,” the basic management policy of the Company is to grow and develop with our customers and society.

All employees will share the same sense of purpose and concept of values in taking on the challenge of establishing new technologies and business pursuant to TOPPAN VISION 21, which sets out Toppan’s Corporate Structure and Business Fields for the 21st century, as well as comply with corporate ethics and give due consideration to the environment and safety in conducting corporate activities amid various relationships and interactions with society.

The Toppan Group will seek to expand business domains and generate new income flows through the realization of TOPPAN VISION 21, thereby achieving the Group’s lasting growth and becoming a company that is highly esteemed and trusted not only by its shareholders and customers, but also by consumers and the broader community.

Medium Term Plan (Published May 14, 2021)

Toppan has devised its Medium Term Plan. The plan takes fiscal 2021 as its first year and covers the period April 2021 to March 2023. The medium term plan is positioned as the first phase of further growth for the future. Toppan will be focusing efforts on transforming its business and strengthening its management foundations.

The key concept is “Digital & Sustainable Transformation,” and we aim to achieve an ROE of 5% in fiscal 2025 by implementing a range of measures. Toppan will strive to enable a sustainable society and enhance enterprise value as a leader in providing solutions to social issues globally through Digital Transformation (DX) and Sustainable Transformation (SX).

Digital & Sustainable Transformation

Becoming a leading provider of solutions to social issues worldwide through DX and SX

Medium Team Plan

Priority Measures for the Medium to Long Term

Priority Measures for the Medium to Long Term

Financial Policy and Capital Policy

Financial Policy and Capital Policy