INTERPRINT do Brasil Indústria de Papéis Decorativos Ltda.

About us
Always at your service! We, the team of Interprint Curitiba in Brazil opened our sales office in 2011 to be even closer to our South American customers. The success was so great that we started the construction of a complete production site only two years later. Why in São José dos Pinhais? Because our customers from the derived timber products and furniture production industries in the south of the continent appreciate the closeness. At the same time, we maintain the inspiring internationality of the team in which colleagues from five different nations enrich our teamwork. Bem-vindo!
Décor Materials
Rua Gilvani Augusto Criminácio, 315 / Campo Largo da Roseira 83091-004 São José dos Pinhais – Paraná Brazil - Curitiba MAP