Sep 15, 2015

Toppan Printing's PUF-enabled IC tag-based authentication service adopted for TANITA's mini scales for overseas markets Consumers can verify product authenticity using an NFC-enabled smartphone
 In September 2013, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toppan Printing; head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President & Representative Director: Shingo Kaneko) launched SMARTICS-V, an IC tag that employs PUF*1 (Physical Unclonable Function) technology used to authenticate individual differences between semiconductors. Using SMARTICS-V IC tags, Toppan Printing provides an authentication service for companies implementing countermeasures to counterfeiting and imitation of their products.
 This service has now been adopted by TANITA Corporation (hereafter TANITA; head office: Itabashi Ward, Tokyo; President: Senri Tanida) for its 1479V and 1479J/J2 mini scales sold in overseas markets. A SMARTICS-V tag is contained in the rear cover of the product and can be read for product authentication using an NFC*2-enabled smartphone held either to the back of the product or the individual box in which it is packaged. Sales are scheduled to begin this winter.
 This service received the grand prize in the 17th Auto-ID Systems Award, organized by the Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association (JAISA) and will be displayed at the Auto ID & Communication Expo 2015, organized by JAISA and held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center from September 16 to 18, 2015.
Demonstration of authentication of TANITA's 1479V mini scale using an NFC-enabled smartphone.
Scanning can be done from the rear of the product itself (left) or by holding the smartphone over the box in which it is packaged (right)
Result of authentication displayed on smartphone screen

 In recent years, distribution of imitation and pirated goods has increased worldwide. The types of goods involved are becoming more diverse, and the annual cost to businesses is estimated to be about 177 trillion yen. If this is allowed to continue, it has the potential to push down sales of authentic products and negatively affect brand value.
 TANITA manufactures and sells scales and other precision measuring equipment to customers in Japan and overseas, and its products are regarded highly throughout the world. Conventional measures taken by TANITA to counteract counterfeiting have included the use of holograms on goods sold overseas. However, the company has been looking for new approaches that are more effective in eliminating imitation goods from the market.
 The PUF technology used by Toppan's SMARTICS-V IC tags is based on authentication of small differences between individual IC chips, similar to humans' fingerprints. It is garnering attention as a next-generation security technology because, in contrast to conventional high-cost IC chips using encryption technology, manufacturing costs can be contained and the possibility of successful counterfeiting is extremely small. As it is compatible with NFC technology, tags can also be read using NFC-enabled smartphones.
Toppan Printing provides a PUF-enabled IC tag-based authentication service that combines and exploits these features. Based on this, Toppan has contributed to enhancing measures to counteract imitation and pirate versions of TANITA's products.

Features of the PUF-enabled IC tag-based authentication service adopted by TANITA
- Construction and provision of a high-security authentication mechanism based on the world's first PUF-enabled silicon IC tag.
- NFC compatibility enables consumers to verify authenticity using an NFC-enabled smartphone.
- Menu screen available in nine languages in line with language setting of smartphone.
(Japanese, English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch)
- Provision of ASP service enables prompt, low-cost implementation at businesses.

TANITA products for which the service will be used

 Product name  1479V   1479J/J2 
 Dimensions  D156*W76*H16.5mm  D167*W75*H17mm
 Weight  170g  147g
 Weighing capacity *  120g  200g/7.05oz/6.43ozt/128.6dwt/1000.0ct/3086.0grain
 Minimum that can be displayed  0.1g   0.01g/0.001oz/0.001ozt/0.01dwt/0.1ct/0.2grain
 Power source  CR2032*1  CR2032*2
  * Maximum weight that can be measured

Future targets
 With a target of approximately 1 billion yen for sales of the service and related orders in 2017, Toppan Printing is aiming to expand this service to industries handling durable consumer goods, such as electrical appliances and housing equipment, and consumables, such as industrial parts and office supplies. The company will also extend the service to provide track & trace functions based on authentication.
 Additional applications will also be advanced, such as the provision of new points of contact for manufacturers and consumers and opportunities for users to communicate with each other.

*1 PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) technology
During the IC chip manufacturing process, unique differences between individual chips arise. Digitization and extraction enables these to be used as PUF parameters.
The patterns of these PUF parameters cannot be predicted and are permanently maintained, meaning that they are essentially fingerprints of the IC chips. They are effective in preventing counterfeiting because even if unauthorized copies of the LSI circuit pattern are made, it is possible to distinguish between the genuine item and the imitation.
*2 NFC (Near Field Communication)
The international standard for short-range wireless communication stipulated by the ISO. The number of smartphones with contactless smart card and reader/writer functions has been on the rise in recent years. It is compatible with type A, type B, FeliCa, and ISO 15693 communication standards.

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