Original manufacturing method applying nanostructure technology enables the launch of sales of SecureColor, the world’s first security hologram label with pastel structural coloration.

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toppan Printing; head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President & Representative Director: Shingo Kaneko) has developed a new hologram with pastel structural coloration called SecureColor™. This has been made possible by Toppan Printing’s original manufacturing method applying nanostructure technology. Sales will be launched in January 2018 for use in the prevention of counterfeit and imitation products in such areas as medicine and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, luxury brand goods, and machinery parts. SecureColor is the world’s first security hologram label with pastel structural coloration.
This product employs a manufacturing method combining nanostructure technology developed by Toppan Printing over the years with fine electron-beam lithography to control light interference and scattering, enabling the production of a completely new type of hologram that, in contrast to conventional rainbow holograms, has pastel structural coloration. This hologram can be used for confirmation of authenticity with the naked eye because pastel structural color can be seen when it is viewed from the front, but the color disappears when the hologram is tilted at a sharp angle. It can also be anticipated to be highly effective in brand protection because the use of a specially developed manufacturing method means that the creation of counterfeits and imitations is difficult.
Prior to full-scale sales, this new hologram has been adopted as the Japan Golf Goods Association’s recommended industry standard security label for 2017 autumn edition golf goods.

Sample of a security hologram using SecureColor (left) and an illustration of how color disappears
if the hologram is tilted (right).

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Background to development

 In recent years, the distribution of counterfeit and imitation goods has expanded on a global scale. Associated annual losses worldwide are said to total approximately US$1.6 trillion, and forms of distribution are diversifying. For businesses, measures to counteract counterfeit products are a pressing issue due to the risk of decreased sales of authentic goods and loss of brand value due to the continued flow of imitation goods.
Holograms are widely used as counterfeit prevention tools that address such needs. At the same time, in addition to the need for security, there is demand for the development of eye-catching, attractive holograms that can also be used as sales promotion tools.
Toppan Printing has now applied its nanostructure technology and developed an original manufacturing method to create the world’s first security hologram label with pastel structural coloration. In contrast to conventional color holograms, the design can be clearly represented due to the pastel color. The hologram enables authentication with the naked eye because color disappears when it is tilted at an angle.

- Background

The global semiconductor market continues to grow due to the enhanced functionality and further miniaturization of devices such as smartphones and IoT equipment. The market is estimated to be worth about \50 trillion in 2018. In China in particular, many semiconductor manufacturers are establishing production bases, which will create strong demand for advanced photomasks and a need for stable supply systems based on local production.
Since entering the photomask business in 1961, Toppan Printing has been a major presence in the sector, boasting industry-leading technologies and supply capabilities. In China, TPCS commenced production in 1995 and installed production equipment for 90 nm photomasks in 2015, contributing to Toppan’s maintaining a leading share of the market.
Introducing cutting-edge equipment to TPCS will now enable an integrated production system for both advanced products and existing standard products, as well as replacement of protective-film (pellicle), which requires short lead times.

Features of SecureColor

World’s first security hologram with pastel structural coloration

 A manufacturing method whereby nanostructure technology is used to control light interference and scattering has enabled the world’s first security hologram label with pastel structural coloration. A total of six color variations are possible: blue, cyan, yellow, orange, magenta, and white.

Authentication with the naked eye

 Confirmation of authenticity is possible with the naked eye because the attractive colors that can be seen when the hologram is viewed from the front disappear when it is tilted at a sharp angle.

Difficult to counterfeit or imitate

 This hologram can be expected to reduce damage and loss caused by counterfeits and imitations because it requires an original manufacturing method developed by Toppan Printing.

Can be combined with conventional hologram processing

 Holograms that are more difficult to counterfeit or imitate can be manufactured by combining SecureColor with Toppan Printing’s existing range of security holograms.


 Prices are equivalent to those for Toppan Printing’s conventional security holograms.

Future targets

 Toppan Printing will expand sales of this new hologram product and target sales revenue of approximately US$9 million in fiscal 2020.

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