Profound Tourism program launched in collaboration with Toppan Travel Service to provide foreign tourists with an experience of traditional Japanese culture.

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In collaboration with Toppan Travel Service Corp. (hereafter Toppan Travel; head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shintaro Shimamune), a Toppan Group company engaged in the travel business, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (hereafter Toppan Printing; head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; President & Representative Director: Shingo Kaneko) will launch a tour program entitled “Profound Tourism—A Journey to the Heart of Japanese Culture.” This program aims to enable foreign visitors to experience traditional Japanese culture and will be launched to coincide with VISIT JAPAN Travel & MICE Mart 2018, one of the world’s largest international tourism business networking events, which will be held from September 20 to 22, 2018, at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center.

The Profound Tourism program has been created based on the expertise and insight Toppan Printing has accumulated in businesses handling the digital archiving of cultural assets and creation of virtual reality (VR) content and the planning and organization of events. Combining the real world and virtual reality, it is designed to provide foreign visitors from government agencies, businesses, and other organizations with an experience of the spirit that lies at the heart of traditional Japanese culture. A portion of revenues from this business will be used to fund the preservation, restoration, and public display of cultural assets as part of efforts to establish Japan as a tourism-oriented nation and stimulate regional revitalization.

Toppan Printing will handle the planning and development of the cultural experience program while Toppan Travel will be responsible for the overall design and marketing of the tour, basing activities on such themes as visits, training, sightseeing, and MICE.

Profound Tourism—A Journey to the Heart of Japanese Culture
Profound Tourism—A Journey to the Heart of Japanese Culture

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The number of foreign visitors to Japan is rising and expected to increase further as the country prepares to host major international cultural and sporting events. Against this backdrop, efforts are being made to establish Japan as a tourism-oriented nation by enhancing the appeal of the country and its long history, improving the quality of information provision, and ensuring environments that enable convenient and comfortable stays for visitors.
Japan is aiming to increase the number of foreign visitors to spur regional revitalization and turn the country into a major tourist destination. In addition to addressing food, accommodation, and other aspects of hospitality, it is also important to create content that communicates the appeal of traditional Japanese culture and enable it to be viewed by people all over the world.
Since its founding, Toppan Printing has contributed to the dissemination of traditional Japanese culture, first through printing, and more recently through digital content. The Toppan Group has to date created more than 350 pieces of content based on cultural and tourism assets from regions throughout Japan. 
With the new Profound Tourism business, this track record and expertise have been leveraged to offer an exclusive cultural experience that only Toppan Printing can provide.

Examples of programs

・Program for executives to learn about Japanese history and values from historic shrines and temples

Participants can learn about Japanese history and values through exclusive visits to see cultural assets and listen to sermons by high-ranking priests at historic shrines and temples. The program is ideal for training for executives from leading retail and manufacturing companies, where an emphasis is placed on corporate ethics

・Program for international parties visiting Japan to learn about the charm and brewing secrets of sake, one of the pillars of Japanese culinary culture

Through strolls through the areas where Japanese sake originated, and visits, tastings and dialogue with management at historic breweries, participants not only learn about the charms of sake, but also about the essence of the spirit of preserving traditions while also taking on new challenges. 

Reference price

Executive tour: Starting from 10 million yen per company for a three-day tour with two night’s accommodation for 10 people. (Details provided on consultation)

Future goals

Targeting sales revenue of approximately 3 billion yen in 2021, Toppan Printing and Toppan Travel aim to expand sales of the program to global companies, government agencies, and overseas travel agents. 
In addition to using tourism content to showcase the appeal of traditional Japanese culture through this business, Toppan will also contribute to regional revitalization and the establishment of Japan as a tourism-oriented nation through activities that support the preservation and use of cultural assets.

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