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Tokyo – July 1, 2020 – Toppan Printing (Toppan) (TSE:7911), a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has launched the 2020 round of entries for co-necto (https://toppan-conecto.com/en/), an open innovation program under which Toppan looks to uncover outstanding ideas from startups and other companies and fuse them with its own resources to create new businesses together.

The co-necto program began in 2017. The fiscal 2020 program is named Open Innovation PoC Lab and will see Toppan’s partner companies also participating. The aim is for Toppan, its partners, and startups to collaborate on proofs of concepts to generate innovation, shape new businesses, and then facilitate prompt and accurate test marketing and product-market fit aligned with market needs and challenges that require solutions. 

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Toppan has set out seven themes for the 2020 program: Communication, Automation, Health Life Science, DX/Data-driven, Smart City, SDGs, and New Lifestyle. Entries are open to businesses and organizations that have their own product or service for which a proof of concept is possible and that can collaborate with Toppan and/or one of its partners.

Companies interested in entering the program can apply by filling out the form on the website (https://toppan-conecto.com/en/) and sending the necessary application documents separately by email. Prospective participants will be assessed on such criteria as competitive advantage and innovation, contribution to solutions for social issues, business and market growth potential, and feasibility of collaboration with Toppan and its partners. Successful companies will be provided with fields, assets, and partial subsidies of around \2 million for each company for proof of concept. Related articles will also be published, and once a proof of concept has been verified, the potential for driving commercialization through sales collaboration, development support, or joint development will be explored.

The closing date for entries is August 16, 2020. The initial screening process will be conducted in late August based on the application and documents received, with the final screening process held in late September via pitching and interview. Results will be announced by the end of September, and successful candidates with then be able to begin preparations for their proof of concept.

“This year’s co-necto is very exciting because some of Toppan’s partner companies are also going to be involved,” said program director Hiroaki Taka, general manager of Business Innovation in Toppan’s Western Japan Division. “We are offering a range of incentives to up-and-coming businesses with innovative ideas that we can potentially take to market through collaborative efforts to find solutions and bring new value to society in diverse areas.”

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