Subscription-based service provides hardware, servers, and applications needed for introduction of ZETA-based solutions

Tokyo – July 1, 2020 – Toppan Printing (Toppan) (TSE:7911), a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has today launched sales of a subscription-based ZETA Starter Pack to coincide with the provision of ZETADRIVE™,* a platform service that offers both the servers needed for communication using the low power wide access (LPWA) ZETA protocol and the applications required to make data visible.

ZETA is an LPWA network protocol developed by ZiFiSense ( that enables networks to be created at low cost. It is garnering attention as a means for collecting data from multiple sensors and facilitating the widespread expansion of the IoT, which will be essential for smart cities. In light of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, increased demand is also anticipated for remote sensing via LPWA protocols due to the need for remote operation and monitoring as more people work from home.

ZETADRIVE™ concept
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ZETADRIVE™ is a cloud-based IoT server platform enabling collection and visualization of data as well as operation of devices. It is comprised of ZETA servers for device management and a sensor data browsing system. APIs for such functions as data acquisition and device control provide scalability and meet the diverse system and application needs of customers, while custom application development is also available to cater to specific requirements. Toppan has leveraged high-level security expertise to create ZETADRIVE™ and plans to enable coordination with its Secure Activation Service for network transmission and management of encryption keys and certificates.

ZETA Starter Pack is a subscription service that brings together the devices and usage rights needed for ZETA communication. By providing access points, Motes, transmission-module-mounted evaluation boards, and high-precision sensors together with ZETADRIVE™, it helps to reduce initial costs for the introduction of ZETA while also facilitating prompt establishment of testing and device development environments. ZETA protocol-compliant sensor devices other than those provided in the Starter Pack are also supported and the various data collected can be displayed in ZETADRIVE™.

“These solutions are rooted in Toppan’s expertise in digital service development and operation,” said Nobuhito Owaki, head of Toppan’s Business Architecture Center. “We can provide an end-to-end service covering hardware and software to enable shorter timeframes and lower costs for introducing ZETA and leveraging IoT technologies. ZETADRIVE™ and the ZETA Starter Pack will be able to contribute to the creation of smart cities and the provision of solutions for the private and public sectors in such areas as smart office management, agriculture, social infrastructure, and disaster prevention.

*ZETADRIVE™ patent pending

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