Cultured Wagyu beef produced by controlled replication of complex tissue structures

Tokyo – April 14, 2022 – A research paper by Toppan (TYO: 7911), Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Hirosaki University, and Osaka Institute of Technology has been included in the 25 most downloaded Nature Communications articles of 2021.

The paper, published in August last year, describes the successful production of cultured Wagyu beef consisting of muscle, fat, and blood vessel tissue using an original tissue modeling technology based on 3D printing that enables the controlled replication of complex tissue structures for cultured meat.

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About the research paper

Title: “Engineered Whole Cut Meat-like Tissue by the Assembly of Cell Fibers using Tendon-Gel Integrated Bioprinting”
Authors: Dong-hee Kang, Fiona Louis, Hao Liu, Hiroshi Shimoda, Yasutaka Nishiyama, Hajime Nozawa, Makoto Kakitani, Daisuke Takagi, Daijiro Kasa, Eiji Nagamori, Shinji Irie, Shiro Kitano, and Michiya Matsusaki
Published in: Nature Communications (Springer Nature)
The research was conducted as part of research and development on applying tissue engineering technology for automated production of the world’s safest meat under the scope of the “Sustainable Society” mission area of the JST-Mirai Program.

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