Basic Approach

Toppan provides products and services necessary for everyday living. Client companies rely on products and services from the Toppan Group in wide-ranging industries, from services related to cashless payments and smart cards in the information & communication field to sundry packages for food and medicinal products in the packaging field and various components for electronic devices in the electronics field. A wide-scale disaster could potentially interrupt the supply of essential Toppan products and services, causing considerable impact on customer companies and consumers. Toppan has therefore formulated a Basic Plan for Countermeasures against Disasters to ensure the safety of Group employees and minimize damage to the corporation when a disaster strikes. The basic plan is subject to regular reviews.

Toppan carries out business continuity management (BCM) activities in order to maintain a steady supply of products and services to customer companies, and thereby fulfill the Group’s corporate social responsibility as a proponent of a sustainable society.

Promotion Framework

■ Promotion System

The BCP Promotion Office established in the head office Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property Division oversees the development of business continuity planning (BCP) in the Group. Persons in charge of BCP have been deployed at head office divisions and business divisions to implement BCP activities throughout Japan. The office coordinates with persons in charge of BCP to promote the Group’s various BCP initiatives.

The Toppan Group takes the following measures to address potential disaster risks:

・Regularly reviews action procedures to prepare for a wide-scale disaster and arranges disaster-simulation drills to check the effectiveness of the procedures;
・Organizes comprehensive disaster-preparedness drills, employee fire response training, and drills to check the safety of employees and their families;
・Stockpiles water, food, and other emergency supplies to support community members and commuters who will have no means to return to their homes;
・Holds liaison meetings at the Company (quarterly) and at related companies (semiannual);
・Prepares for the startup and operation of emergency task forces; and
・Establishes an alternate structure in the Kansai area to prepare for the disaster scenario of an earthquake striking directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area.

In the event of a disaster, Toppan will immediately set up emergency task forces at the head office in Tokyo and at the operational sites in the region affected by the disaster. The task forces will then take actions in line with the Basic Plan for Countermeasures against Disasters.

■ Promotion Mechanism

Everybody must remain calm and take prompt action in the event of a disaster. A critical step for Toppan is to make every employee aware of his or her role.

The BCP Promotion Office has created a website specialized in disaster preparedness and is now delivering necessary information to all Group employees. The office has also helped the persons in charge of business continuity planning (BCP) to acquire relevant qualifications.

Toppan also arranges various training sessions on business continuity management (BCM) tailored to individual operational sites across Japan. The sessions are designed to enhance the competencies that Group employees will require for the handling of emergency situations in their fields.

The Group also strengthens the business continuity competencies of business partners by holding workshops led by external experts (practice and group discussion sessions) and by sending questionnaire surveys to individual material suppliers and subcontractors involved in production.

Toppan assesses the Group’s BCM activities through self-checks with questionnaires. The results for each business division are reported to senior managers for management reviews and activity upgrades.

For operations requiring strict BCM, Toppan has acquired ISO 22301 certification and continues to improve BCM activities through ongoing plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycles.

  • Simulation drill for task force operations (Mikkabi Plant)

    Simulation drill for task force operations
    (Mikkabi Plant)

  • Drills for on-site building inspections (Shiga Plant)

    Drills for on-site building inspections
    (Shiga Plant)

  • Workshop at the head office

    Workshop at the head office

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