Basic Approach

The Toppan Group supports the communities in which it operates by addressing local issues and contributing to sustainable development. Domestic and overseas sites in the Group have engaged in contribution activities forged through dialogues with neighboring communities. Dialogue is sustained through manifold activities, including collaboration with organizations that bring together the opinions of community members. Basic Principle 9 of the Toppan Group’s Conduct Guidelines emphasizes the value of “Building trust from society through social contribution activities and appropriate disclosure of information.” Every Group site organizes an array of community initiatives in full recognition of the importance of engaging in social and community contribution activities as a corporate citizen.

Promotion Framework

■ Initiatives for Community Contribution and Involvement

The Personnel & Labor Relations Division of the head office in Tokyo cooperates with general affairs departments throughout the business divisions across Japan to facilitate the involvement of Toppan sites in meetings, organizations, and various other community gatherings. Each Group site has sounded out opinions from its communities and shaped and implemented business activities and community contribution initiatives based on their opinions.

Main Activities

    • Cleanup around operational sites
    • Traffic safety and anti-crime campaigns with surrounding communities
    • Plant tours and practical training for local elementary school students
    • Meetings with neighborhood communities to report environmental initiatives
    • Internships
    • Off-site lectures
    • Provision of site facilities such as meeting rooms and sports facilities
    • Blood donation drives
    • Participation in community festivals and events
    • Cosponsorship of projects to foster future generations and serve communities in other ways

■ Cooperating with International Communities to Address Social Issues

Convinced that cooperative solutions to global issues are vital for its community contribution activities, Toppan has been organizing the Toppan Charity Concert series since fiscal 2007. This series aims to support global initiatives to raise literacy rates in developing countries. Literacy is the ability to read, write, and calculate with proficiency sufficient to function well in daily life.

Main Activities and Relevant Information