Basic Approach

The Toppan Group has formulated the following basic policies on biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of biodiverse resources.

Toppan positions the conservation of biodiversity as an important element of management. The Group takes an assertive approach to the sustainable use of resources by avoiding or minimizing the impacts on biodiversity during raw material procurement operations. The Group also proactively undertakes social contribution activities to conserve biodiversity with preventative and adaptive methods formulated from long-term perspectives. These biodiversity initiatives focus on cooperation with community members and various other stakeholders with links to biodiversity. The Group recognizes that biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of biodiverse resources help mitigate global warming and enhance environmental security.


■ Promoting the Conservation of Biodiversity

The Toppan Group established a Basic Policy on Biodiversity in April 2010 to pursue biodiversity conservation. A set of Paper Procurement Guidelines for the Sustainable Use of Forest Resources was also formulated in September 2011 to step up specific conservation measures.

Concrete initiatives have been carried out through two approaches: biodiversity conservation at Group sites and conservation outside the sites. In the former initiatives, Toppan employees and their families promote biodiversity conservation within site premises in cooperation with external environmental experts. In the latter, employees and family members take part in conservation activities organized in site neighborhoods by environmental NPOs and local governments.

The Toppan Group works with a number of stakeholders, including employees, to conserve biodiversity at operational sites across Japan.

  • Tree-planting activities on the site with help from neighboring elementary school students
    (Gunma Central Plant, Toppan Packaging Products Co., Ltd.)

  • Observation of living creatures in the site biotope
    (Fukaya Plant, Toppan Packaging Products Co., Ltd.)

  • Participation in a project to nurture a watershed-protection forest organized for Sapporo citizens by the Hokkaido Regional Forest Office
    (Hokkaido Subdivision)

  • Rice planting and harvest in a groundwater recharge project organized by an environment conservation council in Kumamoto Prefecture
    (Kumamoto Plant, Toppan Electronics Products Co., Ltd.)

Main Activities