Basic Approach

The Toppan Group has formulated the following basic policies on chemical substance control.

Toppan refrains from the use of hazardous chemical substances as a basic rule. The Group may, however, resort to the use of hazardous substances when their use is legally permitted and no alternate technologies are available. Even when these latter conditions apply, the Group properly controls the substances and endeavors to reduce their usage and replace them with substitutes.

Toppan monitors every chemical substance used within the Group’s business operations. The Toppan Group seeks to eliminate obstacles to environmental conservation in advance by being proactive in constantly improving substance control methods as a business operator.


The Toppan Group strives to reduce the use of chemical substances in order to mitigate the impact of these substances on the environment. The Group has been continuously reducing the use of chemical substances designated under the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) law of Japan and introducing safer substitutes by setting priorities in terms of both the type and range of application. Group production sites have also been properly controlling chemical substances based on established management procedures.

The Toppan Group has formulated a set of Standards for the Management of Chemical Components of Raw Materials governing the substances and materials the Group purchases. Based on Japanese and international laws and regulations on chemical substances, these standards list substances that are banned or restricted with regard to use as raw materials. Toppan regularly reviews the list to assure chemical control and asks every supplier to control the chemical substances listed.

For reduced VOC emissions into the atmosphere, the Group applies adequate treatment before discharge to ensure that the emission volumes and concentrations are controlled at proper levels. Increasing efforts are also made to reduce the use of VOCs.