Basic Approach

The Toppan Group has formulated the following basic policies on pollution control.

Toppan positions pollution control as an important element of management. The Group places utmost priority on environmental conservation activities in its efforts to prevent pollution. In the event that Toppan causes environmental pollution of any form, the Group will immediately publish the incident, disclose information, and work relentlessly to address the case while taking necessary actions to reliably prevent recurrences. Toppan will also implement recurrence-prevention measures for similar operations throughout the Group. Proactive environmental conservation activities will enable Toppan to detect any signs of pollution and swiftly correct the problem at its source.

Approach to Environmental Compliance

Preventing Pollution

The Eco-protection Promotion Committee at each Group site in Japan sets in-house control standards that are more stringent than the applicable regulatory standards. The Toppan Group works to reduce environmental burden and prevent pollution by complying with these in-house standards.

To prevent atmospheric pollution, the Group controls boilers and other plant facilities responsible for air pollutants by managing operations under appropriate combustion conditions. The Group enhances the efficiency of effluent-gas treatment in plant facilities subject to requirements under the Air Pollution Control Act by reusing recovered solvents and controlling combustion facilities appropriately.

To prevent water pollution, the Group has installed wastewater treatment facilities designed to correspond to specific water consumption and pollutant conditions at individual sites. Wastewater recycling systems have also been installed at Electronics plants that discharge effluents in significant amounts. By recovering and reusing wastewater via these systems, the plants have been working to reduce the levels of water consumption and effluent discharge.

The Toppan Group also checks plant facilities subject to the Water Pollution Control Law in compliance with the regulatory standards for structures. The Group will monitor every facility, including those not subject to the law, to prevent soil and groundwater pollution caused by the leakage of chemicals and other liquids. Any equipment or components with undue wear will be replaced.

Handling Inquiries and Complaints

The Toppan Group receives environmental inquiries and complaints via “Inquiries,” a contact window for persons seeking information on corporate activities, on the Toppan corporate website. The Ecology Center receives reports on these inquiries and complaints from the Public Relations Division and responds to them as the organization overseeing environmental conservation activities across the Group.

Organizing Education

Toppan arranges three types of training programs on pollution control: general education for every employee at individual Group sites; specific operational training for every employee engaged in operations that cause or could potentially cause significant impacts on the environment; and emergency drills to prevent the spread of damage in the event of a potential emergency.