Revising the Procurement Guidelines

Raising value for Toppan and suppliers by enhancing sustainable procurement from a global perspective

The Toppan Group CSR Procurement Guidelines have been the foundation for activities conducted in cooperation with suppliers and subcontractors. With growing attention on human rights, occupational safety and health, and the environment, businesses must now take specific and broad-ranging approaches to supply chain management. We therefore added to and revised our guidelines, renaming them the Toppan Group Sustainable Procurement Guidelines in January 2022.

Key Points of Revision

① Reorganized into nine themes

② Added and clarified
・Revised content based on international guidelines
・Clarified requirements for suppliers and subcontractors
・Identified and clarified as headings what needs to be achieved

By ensuring awareness of the guidelines across the supply chain and driving a cycle of implementation, audit, and correction, we will work with suppliers and subcontractors to accelerate sustainable procurement and enhance supply chain quality.

Supply Chain Management


Hironori MajimaDirector & Executive Officer
Manufacturing Management Division

The Toppan Group has grown with its suppliers and subcontractors. A variety of social issues have recently presented challenges for sustainable procurement, including the COVID-19 pandemic, human rights violations, and damage due to climate change. To overcome these, we need to work with suppliers and subcontractors to drive sustainability across supply chains.

The new guidelines are composed of the Basic Procurement Policy and the Sustainable Procurement Standards. The policy states that Toppan employees will observe the law and build fair and cooperative relationships of trust with suppliers and subcontractors. The standards present a wide range of social issues that companies should address.

Toppan employees are expected to understand the guidelines and collaborate with suppliers and subcontractors to target a sustainable society.

We ask our suppliers and subcontractors for their continued understanding and cooperation with the new guidelines.

Advancing Sustainability throughout Supply Chains

We spoke to Nippon Paper Industries about the Toppan Sustainable Procurement Guidelines as seen from the supplier’s perspective and about the importance of working together throughout supply chains. (Interviewer: Makiko Kobayashi, Toppan)