Basic Approach

Labor shortages are anticipated throughout various industries in Japan. Toppan is convinced that maximizing the performance of the workforce as an asset of society will help solve social issues.

Mindful of how deeply it depends on its employees, Toppan fosters individuals with ambition and integrity who will go on to become the driving force towards the realization of TOPPAN VISION 21. Toppan would like to contribute to society as a corporation blessed with human assets with excellent communication skills and heightened awareness and sensibilities.

Promotion Framework

■ Toppan University

The Human Resource Development Center in the head office Personnel & Labor Relations Division coordinates with persons in charge of human asset development at departments throughout the Company to institute training programs. These programs to develop and nurture human assets are organized systematically around Toppan University, a simple platform that strives to foster leaders while supporting the skill improvement and career enhancement of employees through basic and special programs, a leadership program, and a personal empowerment program.

Systematic Human Asset Development Programs

■ Human Resource Development Centers

  • Toppan has established training centers in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture and Yugawara, Kanagawa Prefecture to nurture human assets. These centers are venues for various training sessions and interaction between Toppan personnel.

    In April of 2017 Toppan launched the Human Resource Development Laboratory as a research base to develop innovative personnel training programs that apply brain research, neuroscience, analysis of physical condition, and various technologies. The Human Resource Development Laboratory will be used as a platform to design and implement programs that foster human assets with excellent communication skills and heightened sensibilities. The Company plans to cultivate innovative mindsets among the individuals working at Toppan and to encourage them to leverage and enhance their potential and abilities.

    The Company also operates a training management system that provides training tools and information on various learning courses. Employees can review records of their own training while taking e-learning courses online. Toppan has surveyed every employee with a questionnaire on the Company’s human asset development programs to reflect the results in future development plans.

  • Human Resource Development Laboratory

    Human Resource Development Laboratory

■ Fostering Human Assets Active in the Global Business Arena

Toppan has been hiring non-Japanese individuals and frequently arranging personnel exchanges between overseas Group companies to adapt to a more globalized business environment.

Several of the Company’s personnel training programs are designed to foster human assets who can thrive in a global business arena. Examples include a trainee system to provide employees with practical training in day-to-day business activities at overseas subsidiaries, a selective training course on globalization to support candidates for overseas assignments, and a program to send employees to courses at international business schools. Every year Toppan dispatches several young employees to work as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). These volunteers take part in JICA projects to help solve global development agendas while developing themselves as individuals.

  • Cooperation with overseas subsidiaries (human resources [HR] meeting)

    Cooperation with overseas subsidiaries
    (human resources [HR] meeting)

  • Practical training at an overseas subsidiary (trainee system)

    Practical training at an overseas subsidiary
    (trainee system)

Main Activities and Relevant Information