Major Community Contribution Activities at Domestic Sites (fiscal 2019)

Major Community Contribution Activities at Overseas Sites(fiscal 2019)

■ Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

  • Used Goods Market Run by People with Disabilities

    Provided site spaces as venues for a used goods market run by people with disabilities.

  • Fight for the Mangrove Forests
    The Environment

    Dispatched employees to plant 100 mangrove trees in a mangrove forest in Samut Songkhram province.

  • Children’s Day Donation

    Donated stationery and other items to children on Children’s Day, the second Saturday of January.

■ PT. Indonesia Toppan Printing (Indonesia)

  • Donation for Orphans

    Donated to an orphanage in Tibitung, Bekasi province.

  • Donation to the Community

    Made donations to the community to repair an aqueduct.

■ PT. Plasindo Lestari(Indonesia)

  • Ambulance Donated to the Community

    Donated one ambulance to the community to help locals travel to hospitals and health facilities.