Basic Approach

Toppan values its employees as precious “human assets,” and understands how deeply it depends on them. The Group is convinced that human assets perform to their full potential when they are vigorous, earnest, and driven.

To support motivated, vigorous, and earnest work, Toppan promotes rewarding working conditions and healthcare and safety initiatives in cooperation with the Toppan Printing Labour Union (“the labor union”) and Toppan Group Health Insurance Union (“the health insurance union”).

For employee health and safety in particular, Toppan has undertaken various activities based on the Health Management Declaration (established in 2015; revised in 2019) and the Basic Policy on Safety, Health, and Fire Protection (updated in April 2020 from the Basic Policy on Health and Safety formulated in 2010).

The Health Management Declaration clarifies health management policies for maintaining and enhancing the health of Group employees. From a viewpoint of "health and productivity management®*," this declaration visualizes and reorganizes health promotion measures and action plans organized by the Group and the health insurance union. Two aims are pursued. The first is to further promote the health of employees and their families through various approaches, such as measures to support work-life balance. The second is to contribute to society through health-related businesses that support health promotion activities undertaken in communities.

The Basic Policy on Safety, Health, and Fire Protection, meanwhile, enunciates a “safety first” principle as a top priority for the entire Toppan workforce, including both regular and contract employees, towards the complete elimination of occupational accidents. The Group will maintain its efforts to eliminate occupational accidents in fiscal 2022.

The term “health and productivity management®” is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee of Japan.

Promotion Framework

The Personnel & Labor Relations Division in the Toppan head office coordinates with general affairs departments in business divisions across the Group to implement various measures on labor matters in consultation with the labor union. The division also spearheads the development of employee healthcare and safety initiatives in cooperation with the labor union, the health insurance union, and general affairs departments in business divisions throughout the Group.

Structure for Health Management Promotion
Structure for Health Management Promotion

Labor-Management Partnership

Toppan’s labor union and management respect each other’s positions as partners with shared ideals. They have been working together on various issues on an equal footing. Business councils are convened as cross-divisional and operational-site-based forums to discuss wide ranging managerial issues. Several special committees are also convened to deliberate pertinent issues of the day. Standing committees meet to discuss issues such as working hour reductions, wages, and safety and health. Individual labor-management committees meet whenever necessary to discuss specially designated subjects, such as the creation of a working environment amenable to enhanced job satisfaction.

Toppan Inc. has adopted a union shop system. In principle, all non-managerial employees belong to the labor union as members.

7,064 union members out of Toppan Inc.’s total workforce of 10,951 employees

Health Management

The Toppan Group has formulated a structure for promoting "health and productivity management®" by establishing a Health Management Promotion Council overseen by the President & Representative Director as the head of health management. Representatives from the Group and the health insurance union meet to establish key targets and key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarks for employee healthcare initiatives. The council discusses, implements, verifies, and improves various healthcare measures to achieve the targets and benchmarks.