Basic Approach

Mindful of how deeply it depends on its employees, Toppan strives to foster employees who will one day go on to create new knowledge and skills. The Group has been nurturing a working environment and corporate culture ideal for the sustainable growth of individuals and Toppan as an organization that contributes to society.

Toppan values its employees as human capital, that is, as precious “human assets” who offer far more than what can be gained from their labor. Toppan is convinced that maximizing the value of human assets will generate human-led innovation that drives the business growth of the Group.

The Toppan Group Human Rights Policy calls for appropriate personnel treatment based on individual work performance to motivate employees to perform to their full potential. The Group provides diverse personnel development programs as learning platforms where human assets can develop abilities suited to their individual jobs and careers.

Human Asset Development Programs

The Human Resource Development Center in the head office Personnel & Labor Relations Division coordinates with persons in charge of human asset development across departments throughout the Group to institute personnel training programs. These programs to develop and nurture human assets are organized systematically around Toppan University, a platform that strives to foster leaders while supporting the skill and career enhancement of Group employees through basic and special programs, leader development programs, and personal empowerment programs. The center deploys the Human Resource Development Laboratory as an R&D base to study, research, and verify ideal programs for personnel innovation that inspire self-transformation and expand individual potential and abilities to create new value.

Toppan Inc. has been organizing annual employee questionnaires on personnel development measures since fiscal 2012. Their appetite for learning, evaluations of the measures currently practiced, and opinions on workplace support for learning have been collected as important data to be used in the design of new development programs. Of 9,307 respondents in fiscal 2021 (RR 89.6%), 7,859 (84.4%) employees evaluated the Company’s personnel measures as favorable.

Systematic Human Asset Development Programs
Systematic Human Asset Development Programs

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