Basic Approach

Labor shortages are anticipated throughout various industries in Japan. Toppan is convinced that maximizing the performance of the workforce as a social asset will help solve social challenges.

Mindful of how deeply it depends on its employees and values them as precious “assets,” Toppan strives to foster human assets who can create new knowledge and skills. The Company has been nurturing a working environment and corporate culture ideal for the sustainable growth of individuals and Toppan as an organization that contributes to society.

Operating Toppan University

The Human Resource Development Center in the head office Personnel & Labor Relations Division coordinates with persons in charge of human asset development in departments throughout the Company to institute personnel training programs. These programs to develop and nurture human assets are organized systematically around Toppan University, a simple platform that strives to foster leaders while supporting the skill and career enhancement of employees through basic and special programs, a leadership program, and a personal empowerment program. The center also uses the Human Resource Development Laboratory as a research base to design innovative personnel training programs to foster individuals with the heightened awareness and sensibilities needed to drive value creation in a uniquely Toppan way.

Systematic Human Asset Development Programs
Systematic Human Asset Development Programs

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