Basic Approach

In the more than 120 years since its foundation, the Toppan Group has evolved its original specialization of printing techniques into the art of printing. Technical advances in printing, coupled with the fusion of varied knowledge and expertise with processing technologies, have enabled Toppan to systemize “printing technologies” of its own. Five core technologies now drive the Group’s businesses: Information Processing, Microfabrication, Surface Treatment, Material Forming, and Marketing Solutions. These five technologies and the distinct benefits they offer are combined into the new solutions the Group offers.

By strengthening core technologies to maximize synergies within the Group, Toppan continues to generate new value for society through co-creation with clients, universities, and startups. Toppan will continue deepening and expanding its unique technologies to develop new businesses that provide solutions to global social challenges and transform the Group’s business portfolio.

Research and Development Structure

Toppan advances research and development activities centered on its core technologies from a market-oriented perspective. The R&D Strategy Office and Business Development Division work together with technology development departments at business divisions across the Group. The R&D Strategy Office seeks to build a cross-departmental technical administration infrastructure, while the Business Development Division engages in research, new business development, and strategic investment to create new businesses as a disruptive innovator.

Toppan also builds and uses intellectual property strategically, generates R&D synergies within the Group, and collaborates creatively with clients and external research institutions to advance the Group’s R&D activities. In these ways, Toppan delivers new value to address today’s shifting society and global environment.

Research and Development Structure
Research and Development Structure

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Toppan Technical Research Institute

The Toppan Technical Research Institute was established in 1986 in Sugito, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. As the Toppan Group’s central research facility, the institute aims to promote research integration, research exchanges and technological development projects that engage researchers from different fields, and Groupwide collaboration involving worldwide departments. Its primary focus is fundamental research with the potential to usher in next-generation technologies. Another core target is the application of innovative technologies for the development of original and competitive products and services. The institute also provides technical support to business divisions working with highly specialized technologies across the Group.

As a move into frontier fields, the institute established a research course at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University of Japan, in 2017. The Joint Research Laboratory (TOPPAN) for Advanced Cell Regulatory Chemistry carries out fundamental and applied research on a 3D cell culture technology. One project using this technology seeks to create artificial cellular tissues with high biomimetic properties for use in drug evaluation methods for the advancement of fundamental research on drug discovery in fields such as anti-cancer therapy. Another project seeks to develop a method to produce various types of cultured meat, including a type with nearly the same marbling attained naturally in Wagyu beef. Toppan expects the 3D cell culture technology to help the Group contribute further to the realization of a sustainable society.