Personal Information
Protection Policy

Toppan Inc. Personal Information Protection Policy

As a member of the information and communication industry, we recognize that the protection of personal information is a critical management issue for fulfilling our corporate social responsibility to address the rights of individuals and meet the trust of customers. We will enforce this protection in all departments of the company.

  • 1. With respect for the dignity of individuals, and in compliance with social order and with laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other norms regarding personal information, we will strive to protect the personal information handled by our company in accordance with internal rules.
  • 2. We will obtain, use, and provide personal information through fair and legal methods with consideration of the content and scale of our business, and will enact specific measures to prevent the use of this information for any other purpose.
  • 3. With a deep recognition of the dangers of unauthorized access and of loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc. of the personal information handled by our company, we will enact necessary and rational safety measures and, in the event of an issue, will take appropriate and prompt corrective action.
  • 4. We will establish points of contact for inquiries regarding the personal information handled by our company, and, when receiving complaints, requests for consultation, or other inquiries from individuals, will respond sincerely and will deal with the matter appropriately and without delay.
  • 5. We will establish, implement, and continuously improve our systems for the protection and management of personal information.

Date enacted February 1, 1999
Date of last revision July 28, 2021

Toppan Inc.
Hideharu Maro, President & Representative Director

Contact for inquiries concerning personal information

Information Security Headquarters, Toppan Inc.