Toppan to Showcase the Latest Security Solutions for Intelligent Packaging at Luxe Pack Monaco 2021

Toppan and Toppan Group company Toppan Europe GmbH will be showcasing their latest solutions at Luxe Pack Monaco 2021, the premier trade show for luxury packaging.

Based on the theme of “Make It Connected,” one of the solutions presented by Toppan at the international luxury packaging event in Monaco will be a cloud-based product ID authentication platform. Individual IDs assigned to products can be scanned by consumer smartphones as well as dedicated devices in factories and warehouses. This makes it possible for businesses to provide product information, authenticity verification, promotions, and other services to their customers while also using data collected for traceability, monitoring of grey market diversion, and other elements of supply chain management.

About Luxe Pack Monaco 2021

Dates: September 27 to 29, 2021
Venue: Grimaldi Forum Monaco
Organizer: Luxe Pack
Official website:
Toppan’s booth at Luxe Pack Monaco will be located at AC16 in the Digital Village (Hall ATRIUM).

TURBO TALK (5-minute Live Presentation in the Digital Village)

Roland Lartigue, Business Development Director at Toppan Europe, will provide expert insight in a short live presentation titled "How to integrate RFID/NFC into your package WITHOUT disturbing your package design" at Toppan’s booth (AC16) between 11 am and 12 pm on every day of the show.

Exhibit Overview

Packaging is becoming increasingly smart as a vital element of a complete product. In addition to packaging and protection functions, it is expected to enable anti-counterfeiting, traceability, and enhanced interaction as a tool connecting the real and digital worlds, endowing products with even more value.

Every package therefore needs a unique ID. Toppan offers a range of ID devices, including NFC labels that combine high-quality metallic finishes with maintenance of communication performance; NFC tags embedded in paper-based smart packages to enhance security and help streamline manufacturing; and interactive packages that connect with smartphones via NFC to provide digital content such as games and music.

The security of the unique ID must be ensured to collect and use the data generated. Toppan’s cloud-based ID authentication platform helps enterprises create customer touchpoints and realize supply chain management through secure and reliable authentication of the unique ID assigned to each product. This service accurately responds to the needs of our customers and helps them drive digital transformation.


Digital Transformation in Packaging

The evolution of IT has driven diversification of points of contact with customers. It has become vital to secure engagement points in product marketing. Giving products a digital identity enables packages to go beyond their conventional role to be conveyers of information̶devices that link to customers at every point of their journey. Providing every customer with an optimized service enhances both loyalty and brand value.

What We Do

We integrate an NFC tag into every product to give it a digital identity and connect it to the Internet. A digital identity enables us to offer Authentication, Traceability, Consumer Engagement and other dynamic and expansive digital services to brands and their customers.

・Verify the authenticity of products by scanning the tag with a smartphone
・Protect against refill fraud and package tampering and reuse
・Build customer trust through product authentication
・Enable serialization, aggregation and data handling from carton and box to pallet
・Provide real-time supply chain visibility through item-level track & trace
・Protect brands against grey market distribution by detecting product location through consumer scans
・Transform your products into a direct engagement channel to connect with consumers
・Capture real-time customer interaction feedback with your products
・Provide optimal digital marketing services to each consumer
・A digital identity creates dynamic links between a product and customers that enable an infinite range of services.


Smart Packages with Built-in NFC Functions

New packages in which tamper-evident NFC tag functions have been integrated into the structure of paper-based packaging to enhance package security, maintain design quality, and streamline the process of applying NFC tags.

As an effective measures to prevent fraud, an NFC communication circuit with a brittle structure is embedded in the package. In addition to achieving higher security than conventional NFC labels affixed to the surface of packaging, this solution also helps to reduce the workload associated with the process of attaching NFC tags.

Toppan’s new smart packages feature embedded NFC functions.
© Toppan Inc.

NFC Labels with High-Quality Metallic Design

While employing metallic finishes for a premium look, these labels maintain the communication performance required of NFC tags. In addition to high-quality design, they combine decorative printing technologies, foil design patterns, and antenna design technologies to overcome the challenge of near-field communication being impeded by metal materials.

Toppan’s new NFC labels are available as a metallic decor type (left) or metallic surface type (right).
© Toppan Inc.

Interactive Packages that Connect with NFC-enabled Smartphones

These interactive packages connect with smartphones via NFC to enable users to enjoy digital content such as games and music.
Pad-type switches embedded in the package allow consumers to enjoy interactive experiences, pressing or tapping to produce sounds or control content on the smartphone screen via a compatible app. No batteries are required because power for LEDs embedded in the package is supplied by the smartphone. Security functions can be enhanced by linking with ID authentication systems.

Toppan’s New China-Based ID Authentication Platform

This is a cloud-based service in which ID devices applied to products can be read by consumer smartphones or dedicated devices in plants or warehouses. This makes it possible for businesses to provide product information, authenticity verification, promotions, and other services to their customers, and also to use the collected data to make the supply chain visible through traceability and monitoring of grey market diversion.

Concept for Toppan’s new China-based ID authentication platform
© Toppan Inc.

The ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices has prompted diversification of customer touchpoints and increased opportunities for businesses to be connected with consumers. To take advantage of this effectively, it is vital for companies to be able to monitor customer behavior in real time and provide optimized services.

By fusing its ID device technology with NFC-enabled ID authentication system infrastructure from Selinko SA (Selinko), Toppan has established a cloud-based ID authentication platform in China that creates customer touchpoints and facilitates supply chain management through safe and secure authentication of unique IDs assigned to individual products.

The dashboard function makes the supply chain visible and enables new value for customers.
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Businesses adopting the platform will not only be able to enhance customer engagement and provide a range of services directly, but also visualize and manage the supply chain through traceability and detection of grey market diversion.

In addition to dedicated scanning equipment at manufacturing plants and logistics warehouses, consumers’ smartphones can be used to scan QR Code, NFC tags, UHF-band RFID, and other ID devices, enabling companies to provide product information and authenticity verification, run digital promotions and other services, and use data collected to enhance and optimize customer experiences.

Web-based Data Management Dashboard (Brand Manager)

The platform features a secure web-based management interface to manage product and brand information. It provides real-time analysis of scan activity and related data to gain meaningful and actionable consumer insights.

Authentication Engine

The authentication engine supports various types of security encryption available from a range of NFC chips and compatible with tampering/opening detection features.

Grey Market Detection

Using a unique identifier associated with a preset destination market at production, product diversion can be detected by consumer scan and reported directly to your Brand Manager.

Consumer Mobile App

A free consumer mobile phone app is available on Google Play or the App Store. We also provide an option for brands to integrate the function directly into their own app.

Industrial Line Manager (ILM)

The ILM station consists of a main computer and NFC readers on the brand’s manufacturing line to associate tag IDs with product information and verify tag functionality.


Toppan's Connected Devices

Toppan will showcase its diverse range of devices that add digital IDs to products. Solutions employing NFC technologies include functional ID devices that enable tamper detection, prevention of reuse, temperature management, and use on metal materials. In addition, Toppan will present newly developed ID devices based on the concept of fusing digital IDs with packaging.


Detects removal and piercing of the cork.
Prevents fraudulent relabeling with a brittle antenna circuit.
Capsule with integrated NFC tag for cork protection, authentication, and opening detection.
*InTact features a Toppan NFC tag integrated into a capsule from Amcor Capsules.
Integrated Package/ Container
Integrated tag enables NFC functions with no impact on design.
OD Tag
Detects opening of the box.
Certificate of Authenticity
Document with NFC functionality for proving the authenticity of a product.
Metal Tag
Can be attached to metal containers for baby formula and other products.
Temperature Sensor RFID
NFC tag with temperature logging.
Low-cost UHF tag developed by Toppan to manage product information for distribution and retail.
Cachet Function
Prevents fraudulent relabeling and reuse with a brittle antenna circuit unreadable after label removal.
Open Detection Function
NFC tag with two circuits-one for tamper detection, the other can be used for customer engagement after opening.