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Toppan to Show How Brands Can Transition From Authentication to Customer Engagement Through Smart Packaging at AIPIA Virtual Congress

Toppan will be presenting the latest security solutions for smart packaging during the AIPIA Virtual Congress, which will be held on line on September 10.

Roland Lartigue, Business Development Director at Toppan Europe, will be giving a presentation titled "From Authentication to Customer Engagement Through Smart Packaging" at 1:00 pm (GMT +2) on the day of the Congress.

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The evolution of IT has driven diversification of points of contact with customers. It has become vital to secure engagement points in product marketing. Giving products a digital identity enables packages to go beyond their conventional role to be conveyers of information̶devices that link to customers at every point of their journey. Providing every customer with an optimized service enhances both loyalty and brand value.



We integrate an NFC tag into every product to give it a digital identity and connect it to the Internet. A digital identity enables us to offer Authentication, Traceability, Consumer Engagement and other dynamic and expansive digital services to brands and their customers.

・Verify the authenticity of products by scanning the tag with a smartphone
・Protect against refill fraud and package tampering and reuse
・Build customer trust through product authentication
・Enable serialization, aggregation and data handling from carton and box to pallet
・Provide real time supply chain visibility through item-level track & trace
・Protect brands against gray market distribution by detecting product location through consumer scans
・Transform your products into a direct engagement channel to connect with consumers
・Capture real-time customer interaction feedback with your products
・Provide optimal digital marketing services to each consumer
・A digital identity creates dynamic links between a product and customers that enable an infinite range of services.



Toppan offers a wide array of NFC tags for diverse needs to make your products smart.


Detects removal and piercing of the cork.
Prevents fraudulent relabeling with a brittle antenna circuit.
Capsule with integrated NFC tag for cork protection, authentication, and opening detection.
*InTact features a Toppan NFC tag integrated into a capsule from Amcor Capsules.
Integrated Package/ Container
Integrated tag enables NFC functions with no impact on design.
OD Tag
Detects opening of the box.
Certificate of Authenticity
Document with NFC functionality for proving the authenticity of a product.
Metal Tag
Can be attached to metal containers for baby formula and other products.
Cachet Function
Prevents fraudulent relabeling and reuse with a brittle antenna circuit unreadable after label removal.
Open Detection Function
NFC tag with two circuits-one for tamper detection, the other can be used for customer engagement after opening.



TOPPAN SECURE ID PLATFORM provides brands with a cloud-based turnkey solution to digitize physical products.
Brands can engage directly with their customers and offer various digital services through the tap of a smartphone.


Web-based Data Management Dashboard (Brand Manager)

The platform features a secure web-based management interface to manage product and brand information. It provides real-time analysis of scan activity and related data to gain meaningful and actionable consumer insights.

Authentication Engine

The authentication engine supports various types of security encryption available from a range of NFC chips and compatible with tampering/opening detection features.

Gray Market Detection

Using a unique identifier associated with a preset destination market at production, product diversion can be detected by consumer scan and reported directly to your Brand Manager.

Consumer Mobile App

Free consumer mobile phone app is available on Google Play or the App Store. We also provide an option for brands to integrate the function directly into their own App.

Industrial Line Manager (ILM)

The ILM station consists of a main computer and NFC readers on the brand’s manufacturing line to associate tag IDs with product information and verify tag functionality.