"Our mission is to enrich people’s lives
and create social value."

Toppan began life in 1900 as a printing and packaging company. The company has continued to evolve ever since, leveraging its mastery of printing technologies to expand into new domains ranging from décor materials to electronic components and security solutions. Now, with over 50,000 employees, Tokyo-based Toppan is a global company that operates across a wide range of business segments in more than ten countries worldwide.

New digital technologies such as the IoT, AI, big data, robotics and cloud computing are currently transforming every aspect of our lives. Building on its history of responding to technological and social change, Toppan is finding new ways of combining its manufacturing prowess, marketing skills and IT know-how to develop the next-generation products, services and solutions that meet today’s customer needs. Toppan is also aggressively expanding its global presence. We are confident that our core printing technologies—and the technologies derived from that core—have a key role to play in addressing the challenges and opportunities people everywhere currently face, from counterfeiting to food waste, from pollution to the cashless society.

Toppan occupies a key position in the informational and cultural infrastructure that underpins our societies. We are committed to using that privileged position to create genuine social value and enrich people’s lives.

Shingo Kaneko
President & Representative Director