What we can do with packaging
to advance toward a sustainable society


Making smart choices for
a sustainable future

Through environmentally friendly packaging, TOPPAN combines its accumulated technology and
know-how with creativity demonstrating a myriad of unique characteristics.
As your innovation partner, TOPPAN will continue to offer optimal choices in order to build the connections between all people and society that will continue indefinitely.

The logo image represents the “S” of “Sustainable” in the imagery of the infinity symbol (∞)
It represents the plurality of “SMART” (s) solutions
and shows that it is a TOPPAN sustainable brand

What is

SMARTS™ is a brand that combines and multiplies the effects of marketing, digital transformation (DX) and business process outsourcing (BPO) insights with the knowledge, information, and know-how accumulated by the business division through the development and sales of packaging
It is not just a proposal of environmentally friendly packaging
We offer full support in one place with measures that take into account the overall product lifecycle,
while flexibly integrating requirements of the times

Support flow along
customers’ value chains
Support flow along customers’ value chains Support flow along customers’ value chains
Category Lineup
  1. 1

    Smart Planning

    Surveys to identify market needs,
    product planning and development

  2. 2

    Smart Platform

    DX system support to visualize,
    manage and analyze issues

  3. 3

    Smart Packaging

    Packaging to contribute to
    the realization of a sustainable society

    See here for the page on
    environmentally friendly packaging
  4. 4

    Smart Process outsourcing

    Contract production services to
    design business processes
    from the perspective of overall optimization

  5. 5

    Smart Promotion

    Communication support toward
    the realization of a sustainable society

  6. 6

    Smart Circular innovation

    Developing structures and new technology to
    enable resource recycling

TOPPAN provides a wide range of solutions
for packaging.
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