Website launched to facilitate study anytime, anywhere as part of project for Agency for Cultural Affairs

Tokyo—June 1, 2020—Toppan Printing (Toppan) (TSE:7911), a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, has been commissioned with creating Japanese language learning resources that leverage information and communications technology (ICT). This is part of a project by the Government of Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs that aims to address challenges faced by foreign nationals living in areas of Japan with limited access to language classes.

“Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese” ( is a website designed to help foreign residents acquire the language skills they need for everyday life. No registration is required, and the content is accessible for free, enabling Japanese study at any time and in any location. Ensuring learning opportunities for all foreign nationals living in Japan will help address the issue of a lack of language classes in some areas, which results in part from a shortage of teaching personnel.

Users can select from content aimed at different learner levels and themed on various scenarios from everyday life. Videos cover such topics as introductions and greetings, shopping, and going to government offices. The website, launched on June 1, is initially available in Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. Versions in Indonesian, Filipino (Tagalog), Nepalese, and Khmer are due to be added in March 2021.

“Toppan is drawing on its extensive expertise in website design, video production, multi-language solutions, and digital education content to develop and operate a resource that is available for anyone to use to enhance their Japanese language skills,” said Shingo Nakajima, Senior General Manager of planning and development for Toppan’s Social Innovation business. “We also hope the website will help stimulate regions of the country by allowing the nearly 3 million foreign nationals living in Japan to demonstrate their capabilities to the fullest and play an active role in their communities.”

About Toppan

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