Creating Value
that Drives a Sustainable Society

Hideharu Maro

Hideharu MaroPresident & Representative Director

With the G20 summit being held in Japan in June 2019 and ongoing debate about environmental pollution, the level of interest in climate change and marine pollution is increasing, and the efforts of businesses to address environmental issues are receiving widespread attention. Since its founding in 1900, Toppan has worked with its stakeholders to find solutions to the challenges faced by society. Toppan established its Ecology Center in 1991 as an organization focused on environmental issues and conservation activities.

As a result of committed efforts to address ESG-related issues, Toppan has received various accolades. These include being featured in the DJSI World Index for two consecutive years.

I took over as president of Toppan in June this year. I intend to further strengthen and accelerate our activities to contribute to a sustainable society and drive business initiatives that target enhanced value for society and the Company.

We are currently assessing materiality in relation to the SDGs at Toppan, with the results due to be announced in the autumn. In order that we can continue to be a company that plays a vital role in society, we will present our approach to the SDGs and clearly indicate our long-term goals to all stakeholders.

Toppan will continue to contribute to a sustainable society by maintaining the earnest approach it has taken for more than a century and proactively addressing the issues highlighted by the SDGs.

We rely on and greatly appreciate your continued support.

June 2019