Paper-based CUBE PAK™ can replace plastic bottles and be used in a wide range of settings in which water is present.

Tokyo – February 19, 2021 – Toppan Printing (Toppan) (TYO: 7911), a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, will begin full-scale production of CUBE PAK™, a paper-based alternative to plastic bottles, in April this year for the Japanese market. CUBE PAK, launched in February 2019, is included in Toppan’s “SUSTAINABLE-VALUE™ Packaging” lineup, which is part of the recently launched “TOPPAN S-VALUE™ Packaging” range targeting added value for society and fulfilling living. CUBE PAK will be adopted for use for body washes from Taiyo Yushi Corp. (Taiyo Yushi) and sunscreen from KOSÉ Corporation (KOSÉ). 

KOSÉ’s Suncut Mild Cream sunscreen
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The problem of marine pollution caused by plastic waste has focused attention on packaging that reduces environmental impact. Toppan has responded by driving the development of more readily recyclable mono-material packaging and packaging that uses recycled plastic or plant-derived materials such as paper and biomass plastic. However, it has traditionally been difficult to produce paper containers that can be used in settings in which water is present. CUBE PAK is a highly water resistant paper pack that overcomes that challenge.

CUBE PAK uses a unique structure that ensures no paper edges are exposed at the base of the container, which is potentially constantly in contact with water when used in wet locations. This allows CUBE PAK to achieve water resistance close to that of plastic bottles and means that it is the industry’s first paper pack that can be kept in bathrooms, kitchens, and washrooms at all times.

Toppan has also created a special shape that enables the spout to be placed in the center of the pack, something that has not been possible with conventional paper pack structures. This not only means that pumps can be used, but also that they can be removed from used CUBE PAKs and attached to new ones for added consumer convenience.

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Switching from plastic bottles to CUBE PAK makes it possible for companies to reduce consumption of petroleum-derived materials by roughly 55% and also facilitates the use of certified paper as the base material for the container. Content quality is maintained by laminating Toppan’s original transparent barrier GL FILM onto the inside of the paper pack.

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CUBE PAKs can be filled using existing machinery for plastic containers and enable streamlined logistics. They will initially be formed at Toppan and delivered to customers for filling. However, once customers have installed case formers on their own production lines, it will be possible to ship the CUBE PAKs in a flat form. This means that they will occupy far less space than plastic bottles for the equivalent content volume, potentially lowering costs by improving shipping efficiency and significantly reducing storage space requirements.

Future flow of CUBE PAK production, forming, and filling
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“At Taiyo Yushi, our mission is to contribute to fulfilling, healthy lives and the sustainable growth of society and nature, and we are taking proactive measures to address the environment in our business activities,” said Hiroshi Uchiyama, Group Leader, Soap and Cosmetics Sales Planning Group, Taiyo Yushi. “We have decided to adopt Toppan’s CUBE PAK because it will help to reduce plastic consumption, and we hope to further accelerate our environmental initiatives by expanding its use to a greater range of products.”

“We announced the KOSÉ Sustainability Plan in April 2020 and are driving initiatives aimed at contributing to a sustainable society and global environment. Therefore, having learned about Toppan’s CUBE PAK, we have adopted it for one of our sunscreen products,” said Takumi Hasegawa, Executive Officer and Product Design Manager at KOSÉ Corporation. “We have high hopes for Toppan’s future development of eco-friendly packaging and look forward to continuing to collaborate with them.”

“We are delighted that Taiyo Yushi and KOSÉ have recognized the environmental benefits of our CUBE PAK and adopted it for their products,” said Shingo Wada, General Manager of Business Strategy in Toppan’s western Japan division. “We will expand sales to the cosmetics and toiletries sectors as well as a wide range of other customers currently using plastic bottles so that we can help shape a more sustainable society through packaging.”

CUBE PAK will be on display in the Toppan Booth (S1-12, South Hall 1) at TOKYO PACK 2021, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center from February 24 to 26.

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