3D ToF Sensor and Camera

We introduce the concept video of the Toppan’s ToF sensing business

Toppan’s 3D ToF sensing

Principle of ToF sensing

  • CMOS-ToF
    depth image sensor

  • ToF camera module

Time of flight (ToF) refers to the time how long it takes for light to be emitted toward an object and reflected back. Light travels very fast, at 30cm per nanosecond in air. ToF sensing technology is used in a 3D depth measurement system by measuring the round-trip ToF of light pulse in the order of nanoseconds, giving us the shape and position of target objects.

Toppan’s ToF sensor is an original high-performance 3D ToF sensor co-developed with Brookman Technology*, a leading ToF sensor development company. It offers accurate and high-speed ToF sensing required for 3D sensing applications such as gesture recognition, robot vision, logistics conveyance, gaming, and security systems. Furthermore, we also support 3D sensing system development for clients demand through providing not only ToF sensors but 3D sensing cameras and solutions.

  • Brookman Technology, Inc. was merged into TOPPAN INC. in April 2023.

Strengths of our ToF sensor

Toppan’s ToF sensor solves your problems in 3D sensing.

  • When sensing accuracy is degraded near a window where the sunlight comes in using other ToF sensors.

    Let Toppan’s ToF sensors handle it!

    The Toppan’s ToF sensors have unique technical features that allow it to cancel noise caused by ambient light other than measurement light emitted from the ToF camera, resulting in a very high level of ambient light tolerance.


    • Outdoor 3D ranging system
    • Spatial Mapping
    • Autonomous robots
    • Gesture recognition
  • A moving object cannot be detected accurately or its object shape is changed using other ToF sensors.

    Let Toppan’s ToF sensors handle it!

    The Toppan’s ToF sensors are capable of high-speed 3D sensing at 120 frames per second. It can accurately capture the shape of objects with minimal blurring, which has been difficult to recognize with conventional ToF sensors.


    • Motion Capture
    • Gesture recognition
    • Autonomous robots
    • Obstacle sensing
  • I want to run multiple ToF cameras in the same space.

    Let Toppan’s ToF sensors handle it!

    The Toppan’s ToF sensors have a function of ToF signal interference cancellation function in the sensor. Therefore, there is no need for complex correction processing when using ToF cameras at the same time.


    • Automatic Guided Vehicle
    • Factory Automation
    • Logistics and transport systems
  • I want to change a measurement range flexibly depending on the operation or usage environment.

    Let Toppan’s ToF sensors handle it!

    The Toppan’s ToF sensors offer a unique short-pulse ToF method that allows the ToF measuring range to be flexibly changed. It is possible to widen the measuring range or narrow the measuring range for more accurate 3D sensing.


    • Factory Automation
    • Spatial mapping
    • Autonomous robots

Please feel free to contact us if you have a concern about using our ToF sensors in your situations.

Technical Features

Toppan’s originally developed ToF sensor has achieved the industry’s leading class of sensing performance by the following key technologies.

Toppan ToF Sensors and Cameras – Technology Introduction -

Key 1: Strong ambient light tolerance by DALS technology

Our unique “Dynamic Ambient Light Suppression (DALS)” technology can obtain the true ToF signal by canceling ambient light noise signals thanks to simultaneously acquiring the modulated ToF signal light and the ambient light output data in the same frame. This technology delivers the industry’s top-class high ambient light tolerance, thus allowing object detection by area sensing not only indoors near a window but even outdoors*.

  • Under a sunlight environment (equivalent to 100,000 lux)

Key 2: High speed 3D sensing

Toppan’s ToF sensors support high-speed 3D sensing with 120 frames per second, one of the industry’s fastest-class*, by ToF sensing with Short-Pulse ToF (SP-ToF). Our unique multi-tap sensor and operations achieve an accurate range measurement in every single frame, which enables the detection of object shape and size without motion blurs and artifacts in comparison with other methods such as Continuous-Wave ToF sensing methods that require the image synthesis using multiple phase output data.

  • iToF depth image sensors for industrial use (According to our research, in November 2021)

Key 3: Multiple camera use

Toppan’s ToF sensor have the mutual interference cancellation caused by other ToF sensing systems. Theoretically, 256 ToF cameras can be run simultaneously in the same working area*. Therefore, this function can be used in applications where multiple ToF cameras are used simultaneously, such as Gaming, AGV, and robot applications.

  • The largest number of ToF camera systems for industrial use. (According to our research, in November 2021).
  • The number of cameras which can be operated simultaneously may change depending on working conditions.

Key 4: Optimal range adjustment

Thanks to Toppan’s original the range shift operation and the hybrid ToF technology for our SP-ToF method, the working range can be adjusted flexibly according to the user environment and application.


We offer ToF sensor products suitable for various 3D sensing applications.

  • Gaming

  • Gesture UI

  • Robot vision

  • Factory Automation

Application Example

Touchless Input Operation System

By placing a single ToF camera in the corner of the display, the ToF sensing technology enables mouse pointer-like input operations in the air.
This contactless technology is applicable to digital signage in a facility, vending machines, customer information/reception systems, and other applications..

Easy to install and unobtrusive

Small ToF camera allowing integrated installation with the display.

Various screen sizes are supported with a ToF camera

No need to arrange dedicated sensing frames for each screen size.

Quick and intuitive operation

Stress-free handling.

Safe and hygienic non-contact operation

Touchless UI is suitable for use in environments where hygiene is a concern.

Gesture UI for Smart Glasses (AR Glasses)

This "Gesture UI" control system integrates our ToF camera module and smart glasses manufactured by Seiko Epson Corp. with their optical engine . When you put your hand to interact with the augmented screen displayed trough the smart glasses, the ToF camera precisely detects the position and motion of your hand, enabling you to manipulate the screen easily.

Add-on to Smart Glasses

A ToF camera module can be added externally to AR glasses for gesture control.

Easy to Use

A ToF Camera enables precise and swift tracking of hand position and movements, allowing for flexible operations. Without the need for a dedicated physical controller, both hands are free for unrestricted use.

Anti-interference capabilities

The ToF interference prevention function enables multiple AR glasses to operate in the same space.

Recommended Use

  • Flipping through pages of an instruction manual at a construction site.
  • Display manipulation while holding instruments in both hands.

People Counting System

3D sensing using our ToF sensor enables counting of people within a certain range, sensing of the directions of people moving, and counting of people passing through a set point.
This people counting system can be used to analyze human traffic patterns and to recognize the congestion situation in a building, and/or for a marketing purpose.

Flexible installation position

This system can work where the installation position of ToF camera to the target is not only above, but side and front.

Flexible measurement ranges

The measurement zone (i.e. near, middle, and far areas) can be configured suitable for the installation place.

Flexible counting line position

By simply drawing a counting line, people who pass through the line can be counted easily.

Heatmap analysis for people tracking

A heat map can be created to visualize the tendency of people's flow in the target zone.

3D ToF Sensor Product

For evaluation and demonstration of our ToF sensors and cameras, we offer various evaluation and development kits. Please feel free to contact us.

3D ToF Sensor Product Catalog