Color filter and micro lens for image sensors

Colorfilter Array & Micro-Lens Array (On-chip Color Filters)

On-chip color filters (color fiilter arrays and micro-lens array) are essential for colorizing image input devices such as CMOS image sensors and small display devices such as OLEDoS, and are used in a wide range of applications including cameras for smartphone, automotive, security, and medical applications, as well as head mounted displays.

Color filter of red, green and blue (RGB) as the primary colors of light or cyan, magenta, yellow and green (CMYG) as the complimentary colors is directly formed on each of the phototransistors generated on a silicon wafer.

In addition, the micro-lens array (MLA) is formed on CFA in order to enhance light gathering power of the image sensor and to improve sensitivity.

Structure of CFA and Effect of MLA

With micro-lens array, Without micro-lens array

Technology development for high resolution, high pixel density

Technology development for high resolution, high pixel density TOPPAN has been working at the forefront of the leading-edge technology development for high pixel density, such as improved light-harvesting property with optimal micro-lens shape, high resolution color resists and ultrafine resins.
TOPPAN is also developing spectral characteristics to address different customer expectations according to own needs.

World’s leading color filter array supplier

TOPPAN provides high-quality color filter arrays to image sensor manufacturers. By fully utilizing color filter technologies,semiconductor-related technologies and other leading edge technologies that TOPPAN has accumulated, we provide highly reliable products to satisfy each customer’s needs.
Our development center is located in Tamana City, Kumamoto Prefecture, and our manufacturing centers are in Shanghai, China and Taoyuan, Taiwan.